We are tackling poverty and malnutrition, starting at the root.

At Vetiver Solutions, we understand.

We understand that farmers have the knowledge, but are not able to practice sustainable farming because it decreases crop yields and income short-term. For those living day-to-day, sacrificing any income could mean starvation. Our company began by asking one simple question:

What if we could make sustainable farming profitable in both the short- and long-term?

Through months of research, Vetiver Solutions has found an innovative way to do just that: make sustainable farming immediately profitable. Our innovative approach uses an environmentally beneficial plant called vetiver and turns it into both a soil erosion prevention tool and a cash crop. Using the scientifically-proven technique called the Vetiver System, we can start to reverse the effects of decades of unsustainable farming. Vetiver Solutions incentivizes farmers to plant vetiver along their crops by buying the shoots of the vetiver every 6 months and converting these shoots into a yarn. This extra income allows them to keep vetiver planted and is completely renewable.

Vetiver Solutions is changing the lives of farming families in Haiti.

Ernest is a 58-year old farmer in Haiti who owns two acres of land in the rural village of Moreau, Haiti. Every morning Ernest wakes up at 6 a.m. to tend to his fields and the few livestock he still owns. He tells me that ten years ago he was able to produce enough food for his entire extended family, yet now he is struggling to produce enough even for himself and his kids. When I ask him why this is happening, he takes a deep breath and tells me “Te’a fatige” or “The earth is tired.”

He explained that he knows how to practice sustainable farming, but has not been able to afford the investment until Vetiver Solutions arrived in Moreau. Now, Ernest is able to make a profit by planting vetiver grass along his crops, which works to hold soil in place and reduce erosion. With tears in his eyes, Ernest tells us that we saved the land that had been in his family for generations.

By planting hedges of vetiver along his crops, Ernest is preventing runoff and erosion. Every six months he harvests the shoots and Vetiver Solutions purchases a predetermined amount, giving him a profit from this cropland while also preventing soil erosion.

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